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David, an experienced K-9 police and military dog trainer moved to D.C. from Israel in 2015 to expand his skill set at Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers. During the 480-hour program, he studied a variety of training methods including positive and balanced method, as well as nutrition and first aid/CPR for dogs. David has worked with over 1,000 dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments and has conducted several specialized seminars for police and military dog handlers in the U.S.

David believes the first step towards any successful relationship is communication. At Paw by Paw Dog Training, David works to build a foundation of trust between each client and their dog through customized training plans. 




Our talented Director of Operations, Melissa grew up locally in the Potomac area. She obtained a BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland Global Campus and holds multiple nutrition certifications from UC Davis Veterinary School, specializing in canine and feline nutrition.


Prior to joining Paw by Paw, Melissa spent eight years as a store manager for Pet Valu. She is proud to have used her talent and knowledge of the pet-industry to organize dozens of philanthropic events with various non-profit animal groups within the Potomac community and beyond.


At Paw by Paw, Melissa works behind the scenes to streamline our operations— from answering your calls and emails to scheduling our free evaluations and lessons. Between communications with our pet parents, Melissa supports Paw by Paw's growth by establishing and promoting relationships with rescues and other local small businesses.




Joanna, an experienced obedience and behavior modification trainer grew up locally in Potomac, MD. After completing Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience Instructor Training program and internship, she enrolled her dog, Toro in Paw by Paw's Obedience 101 course for hands-on experience with our Master Trainers.

Joanna's love of dogs and desire to work with them was immediately apparent and she was soon hired as an intern at Paw at Paw. After an eight-month internship, she moved to North Carolina to complete a 480-hour Canine Training and Behavior Modification course at Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers. There she studied the practical application of behavior modification and obedience training.

At Paw by Paw Dog Training, Joanna puts theory into practice to foster the bond between humans and their canine companions.




Camren is one of Paw by Paw's talented dog trainers. He works with dogs of all ages and breeds in daily training lessons and assists with the training and care of pups in our Doggie Day School program, where he focuses on teaching basic obedience for real-world application.

Before working with Paw by Paw, Camren spent a year at PetSmart in their Pet Hotel facility caring for and managing up to 100 dogs at a time. He also interned at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch where he assisted in the care of many different species, including bovines and equines.


At Paw by Paw Dog Training, Camren strives to reduce the number of dogs who have to be rehomed due to behavioral issues by better understanding essential communication between owners and their dogs.




Rachel, our Doggie Day School Coordinator, has always had a profound love for animals, evident throughout her career. After college, she started a local dog walking business and later joined Warrior Canine Connection as a kennel tech, where she was instrumental in ensuring that future service dogs were successfully trained and found their forever homes. She then went on to work as a Doggie Day Care Attendant, providing daily care for up to 50 dogs at a local daycare and boarding facility.


At Paw by Paw, Rachel uses her years of experience to help establish relationships built on trust and ensure that all Doggie Day School pups reach their full potential through our weekly training goals.




Rowan, a lifetime animal lover, and certified trainer helps dogs of all ages reach their full potential at Paw by Paw’s Doggie Day School.


Rowan is passionate about animal care and education and has earned certificates in pet first aid, CPR, and boarding. He loves rescue dogs, especially his American Staffordshire Terrier, Candy.


At Paw by Paw Dog Training, Rowan strives to create a stronger bond between our pet parents and their pups through agility classes, private lessons, and Doggie Day School.

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Leena is one of Paw by Paw's amazing reservation specialists and a pro at scheduling our free evaluations, lessons, and self washes. She currently manages our training boutique and works hard to answer all of your calls and emails. 

Leena is certified in dog and cat nutrition by U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She spent over three years working in the pet retail industry as a pet care expert. She previously worked as a receptionist for a daycare and boarding facility.


She currently has two dogs: Bones and Marley. Bones is a pit and Marley is a super mutt with her two most prevalent breeds being pit and beagle. Leena has been dog sitting for many years and treats each dog (and cat) as if they were her own!

Bring your pup by the office after training to get some of Leena's highly sought after head scratches!

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