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Dog practicing nosework training in a field
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Sniff Out new Adventures

Did you know your dog has a superpower? A dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times stronger than humans!

Nosework training is an exciting and rewarding way to have fun with your dog! Based on the same principles used by search and rescue dogs and police detection dogs, your pup will use their nose to find a hidden target scent, such as birch, anise, or clove, in various locations and scenarios. Through nosework training, we will teach your pup to search and find the target scent and alert you to its presence.

Nosework training will improve your dog’s confidence and focus, while providing them with new mental and physical challenges. It is the perfect activity for high energy dogs and will help create a stronger bond between you and your pup.

Check out our upcoming class schedule and sign up today!


Please note: Completion of one of our full-length training programs is required for enrollment in nosework training classes.


Is registration required for nosework classes?

Yes, registration is required for all nosework classes. Call or email our team to reserve your spot today!

What are the benefits of nosework training?

  • Provides mentally stimulating exercise for your pup

  • Improves your dog's confidence and focus

  • Provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment

  • Establishes trust and strengthens the bond with your pup

  • Can be done outdoors or indoors all yearlong


How will nosework training help my high energy dog?

Mental training can be as effective as physical exercise when it comes to tiring out your dog! Nosework is a great way to give your pup a fun, mentally stimulating activity that you can do anywhere. It is especially great for burning extra energy in those winter months when you can't outside as often.


Can dogs of all ages and breeds do nosework training?

Yes! We welcome dogs of all ages and breeds to try this fun and stimulating program.

What should I bring to class?

Please bring your leash as well as your dog's favorite treats or toy.

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