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At Paw by Paw, we believe that grooming is more than just a routine – it's an essential part of your pet's well-being. Our grooming services go beyond the basics, providing a spa-like experience for your furry companions. From the rejuvenating Basic Bath to our specialized Grooming Prep Training Program, we take pride in ensuring every pet feels comfortable, confident, and cared for.

Step into a world where tails wag, fur shines, and pets leave not just groomed but pampered. Our skilled trainers and groomers are not just experts in their craft; they're passionate about creating a stress-free and enjoyable grooming experience for your pets. Explore our range of services designed to cater to the unique needs of every pet. Whether your four-legged friend needs a refreshing bath or requires a bit of extra attention to build grooming confidence, we've got it covered.


Join us in creating a grooming routine that goes beyond cleanliness – one that contributes to the happiness and health of your beloved pets. Book a session with us today and treat your furry friend to the ultimate grooming experience!

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  • Comprehensive Check: Our Basic Bath begins with thoroughly combing to check for mats or tangles, ensuring your dog's coat is in optimal condition.

  • Double Shampoo Treatment: We use two carefully selected shampoos – the first to wash away dirt and grime from the coat and the second to cleanse and nourish your pup's skin.

  • Conditioning Bliss: A complete conditioning treatment follows, leaving your dog's coat soft and shiny.

  • Cool Blow Dry: We pamper your furry friend with a cool blow dry, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience. To prioritize safety and reduce the stress of pups who may feel frightened by the blow dryer, we will perform a towel and fan dry to the best extent possible.


Please note: To ensure your pet's safety, we cannot proceed with the bath if your dog's coat is matted.


Pamper your pup with our Grooming Bath, expertly crafted by our skilled groomer, Hannah. This luxurious spa session includes shampoo, conditioning, ear and eye cleaning, a meticulous blow-dry, a thorough brush-out, and a delightful cologne spritz. Elevate your pup's spa day by personalizing it with optional add-ons, including haircuts, nail trims, eye and ear cleaning, de-shedding, indulgent mud bath treatments, and more.

Hassle-Free Estimates and Complimentary Consultation

Grooming session prices vary for each breed. Pricing factors include the size of your pet, the type of coat they have, the current condition of their coat, the selected style of haircut, their comfort level during grooming sessions, and their age. For your convenience, our staff will provide an initial phone estimate when you schedule your appointment. Upon arrival, enjoy a complimentary 10-15 minute hands-on consultation with our groomer to assess the final cost of your selected services.

Please note: de-matting fees may apply. Some dogs have coats that require higher maintenance and are more vulnerable to matting. While many mats can be effectively removed with specialized tools and patience, others may require the use of clippers. However, if your dog's coat is heavily matted, we may be unable to provide a bath. In such cases, we may offer the option of shaving your dog prior to bathing.

Your Pet's Safety and Well-Being are Our Top Priority

Rest assured, your pet's well-being is our top priority throughout the entire grooming process. Our commitment to safety is evident as we meticulously sanitize all surfaces and tools between appointments, ensuring a clean and secure environment. During the initial consultation, our dedicated team conducts a thorough assessment to determine the safest grooming method tailored to your dog's specific needs.

Your pup deserves the best – indulge them in the ultimate spa experience! Schedule a grooming consultation today by calling or emailing us today!


At Paw by Paw, we go beyond basic grooming – we invest in your dog's comfort, confidence, and well-being. For dogs with anxiety or puppies who are new to grooming, our Grooming Prep Training Program is the ideal solution. Our trainers will focus on gradual desensitization and positive reinforcement, creating a foundation for stress-free grooming sessions in the future.

  • Mock Baths: Fearful dogs or puppies will undergo several sessions of mock baths, helping them acclimate to the grooming process.

  • Desensitization Techniques: We gently touch their ears, paws, and mouth to work on desensitization, ensuring your pup becomes comfortable with being touched in these areas.

  • Brushing Sessions: Light brushing sessions are incorporated to familiarize your dog with standard grooming tools, preparing them for future grooming experiences.

  • Water Introduction: Water is introduced gradually, with the first few sessions being water-free to prevent skin dryness.

  • Self-Wash Stations: Paw by Paw staff will guide your dog through our self-wash stations, ensuring a positive and gradual introduction to the bathing process.

  • Positive Association: Our trainers work diligently to build a positive association with bath time, turning grooming into a happy and stress-free experience for your beloved pet.

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