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Emotional Support Dog Training

Dog wearing an Emotional Support Animal harness
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Discover the unparalleled comfort and companionship of Emotional Support Dogs (ESDs) with Paw by Paw Dog Training. Recognizing the vital role these remarkable animals play, we specialize in evaluating, training, and placing exceptional Emotional Support Dogs that bring profound well-being, safety, and calm to their owners as they navigate life's challenges.

What Sets Our Emotional Support Dog Training Program Apart

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Begin your journey with a thorough assessment, allowing us to understand your requirements and tailor the training program accordingly.

  • Certified Trainers: Our team of certified trainers ensures expert guidance and a supportive learning environment for both you and your Emotional Support Dog.

  • Obedience and Socialization: Master obedience, socialization, and good manners through our carefully designed lessons, empowering your dog to be a steadfast support in any situation.

  • Assistance and Reassurance: Your trained Emotional Support Dog will accompany you where permitted, offering valuable assistance during high-stress moments and providing a reassuring sense of security.

  • Life-Enhancing Benefits: Emotional Support Dogs play a pivotal role in aiding individuals to reintegrate into society, manage depression, cope with anxiety, reduce the impact of flashbacks, and offer solace, ultimately enhancing your overall well-being and quality of life. 


Why Choose Paw by Paw for Emotional Support Dog Training

With our specialized training methods and unwavering commitment, we ensure your Emotional Support Dog becomes a reliable and steadfast source of support. Let us guide you on your journey to confidence and self-reliance, transforming your relationship with your companion into an unbreakable bond of comfort and understanding.


Embrace the transformative power of an Emotional Support Dog with Paw by Paw Dog Training. Schedule a FREE evaluation today to embark on a life-changing partnership rooted in compassion, support, and unwavering companionship.


What is the role of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

Emotional support animals, unlike service dogs, aren't trained for specific tasks under the ADA. While they provide immense support to individuals with psychological disorders, they serve as companions rather than performing designated duties. ESAs help alleviate anxiety, depression, phobias, and loneliness. To qualify as an emotional support dog, it must be prescribed by a mental health professional for a patient diagnosed with psychological or emotional disorders, such as anxiety disorder, major depression, or panic attacks.

What are my rights as an Emotional Support Animal owner?
Emotional Support Animal (ESA) owners possess specific legal rights, albeit limited when compared to service dog owners. These rights usually necessitate a letter of diagnosis from the owner's healthcare professional. While ESAs do not enjoy unrestricted access to public spaces, the Fair Housing Act ensures "reasonable accommodations" for them, enabling their residence in buildings that otherwise prohibit pets.

However, it's essential to be aware that since January 2021, airlines are no longer mandated to accommodate emotional support animals during travel. For more detailed information on the rights and regulations regarding ESAs, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team.

How do you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in the U.S.?

Individuals in the United States facing emotional or mental disabilities can qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). To obtain this qualification, it's essential for the person to have a certified emotional or mental disability diagnosis provided by a mental health professional, including psychiatrists or experts like LMFT, LMHC, or LCSW.


While some landlords and property managers may accept confirmation from a certified family doctor in specific areas, it is highly recommended to seek out a qualified mental health expert. They can provide the necessary certification letter, ensuring a smooth process for obtaining an Emotional Support Animal. Our team is here to guide you through this process and connect you with the appropriate mental health professionals to facilitate your ESA qualification. Your emotional well-being matters and we are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.

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