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Training and socialization are essential building blocks to establishing a happy and healthy relationship with your dog. At Paw by Paw Dog Training, we work with you to build a customized plan to fit your family’s lifestyle based on a series of well-defined goals. We provide solutions to the most common issues dog parents face so every trip outside can feel like a walk in the park!


Our Obedience Training 101 plan is designed to establish a foundation of trust and understanding between you and your pup that you can build on for years to come. The course begins with private lessons where you will establish your place as pack leader. During private lessons, your dog will learn to execute the following commands:

  • Sit/stay for 5 minutes

  • Down/stay for 20 minutes

  • Let's go

  • Come

  • Wait

  • Place

  • Customized commands to suit your needs​

Once your dog has mastered all of these commands, we will integrate them into group classes. Our unlimited group classes are designed to build socialization skills and help your dog overcome real-life distractions and challenges.

Why choose Paw By Paw for Puppy Training

  • Customized training plans designed to help you achieve your training goals

  • Certified trainers in dog behavior, pet CPR, and first aid 

  • State-of-the-art, climate-controlled training facility with rubberized flooring

  • Unlimited, confidence-building group classes

  • Positive and safe socialization with other dogs 

  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support 


How many private lessons are included in the program?

The program typically includes five private lessons depending on your dog's advancement.


How long is a private lesson?

Each private lesson takes 30-45 minutes. Our trainers base the length of each lesson on the dog's stamina and ability to continue with the training process effectively. We believe it's essential to pay attention to how the dog feels and not push beyond their ability for the day.


How many group lessons are included in the program?

The Obedience 101 package includes unlimited free graduate group classes. We highly recommend attending at least eight group classes for the best results. If you want to continue training after graduation, we offer specialty group classes and other activities such as agility training and AKC Canine Good Citizen testing. 


Will I have a dedicated trainer?

Yes. Once we have completed your evaluation, we will match you with one of our experienced trainers, who will guide you throughout the process and be available to answer questions during your Obedience Training 101 journey.  

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is typically completed in 13-18 weeks. However, if your dog is not ready for graduation at that time, you may continue to come at no additional cost until they have completed all the necessary requirements.

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