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Unleash your dog’s potential

Have you always wanted to allow your dog to experience the freedom of being off-leash but were worried about maintaining control? Paw by Paw's off-leash training program will give you the confidence you need to trust your pup's recall!

This five-class program will work on all of the commands you already established while training with us, including down, sit, come, place, wait, sit down, sit stay, down stay, with the addition of heel and e-collar training for consistent recall. (E-collars and 15-foot leashes will be provided for the class.) 

Classes will take place in a new location each week to build your pup's confidence and recall in new environments such as, local parks, breweries, and wineries. Check out our upcoming class schedule and sign up today! 


Please note: In order to sign-up, you must have completed one of our full-length training programs and completed all eight free graduate group classes included in your program.


Is registration required for off-leash classes?

Yes, registration is required for all off-leash classes. Call or email our team to reserve your spot today!

​What is this the format of this program?

This program is divided into two parts: 3 private lessons and 2 off-leash group classes.


Part One

  • Off-leash training will begin with three private, hour-long lessons occurring once per week. The location will vary based on the day and time you choose.

  • We will teach you how to properly use the E-collar for off-leash training, while further developing and advancing the commands your dog already knows, including the all important 'heel' command. 

​​Part Two

  • Once you've completed the private lessons, you will have two hour-long off-leash group classes. 

  • During these classes, we will work with you on off-leash commands with the added distraction of other dogs.

  • The off-leash group classes will be held in a variety of dining and park locations.

  • These locations will allow us to give the dogs more freedom in new environments with new people, dogs, and distractions.

  • At the end of the second off-leash group class, your dog will graduate from off-leash training and will receive a certificate of graduation. (You are always welcome to continue working on and developing your dog's off-leash skills by purchasing more of our off-leash group classes.)

What are the benefits of Paw by Paw's Off-Leash Training program?

  • Have you ever been out on a walk with your pup and noticed a reactive or out of control dog coming towards you? This class will teach your dog to 'heel' effectively and recall to your side so you can both walk safely out of the way. 

  • Develop the partnership and trust necessary to enjoy hikes and runs together without worrying about your pup going too far ahead or running off.

  • Off-leash training helps dogs develop analytical, strategic, and social skills. Allowing them to explore freely can nurture an independent, alert, and responsible canine.

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